Cleano 0.67

A fast, lightweight cleaning application


  • Easily clean folders of your choice
  • Installation not necessary


  • No details of cleaning
  • Adding new folders feature is a bit old-fashioned


Cleano is a tiny application that will clean a range of your folders on login, or at your command.

On installation, Cleano is set up to clean temp files, recent items, Internet Explorer history and the Recycle Bin and so on. You can check the folders you want to clean and add more folders manually.

The nice thing about Cleano is its size - due to being only 176KB it loads in a flash and doesn't slow your system down at all. Cleaning is pretty fast too.

Unfortunately, there are no progress bars or visual proofs that it has cleaned your files, and it offers no stats about what it's doing or has done.

Nevertheless, if you want a fast, effective cleaning tool that you can also carry with you on a USB flash drive, Cleano will do the job very well.

Cleano is a lightweight, portable no-frills Windows cleaning tool



Cleano 0.67

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